Oleg Zilberg
I’m a professional digital designer based out of San Francisco, CA, specializing in UX/UI design, product design, graphic design.
Selected Works
UX design • Product design • WEb Design
Honda Russian official website
Official web site about all areas of the company Honda in Russia. Contains a huge amount of information on more than 700 pages. It was challenging to carefully design informational architecture and user journey, so users not getting lost in navigation, and quickly find all desired information.
UX design • Product design • Web design
Infiniti Laboratory website
A user gets into secret underground Infiniti lab to take a closer look at new line of cars, exploring the interior and exterior of each of the 6 car models, or use the special car constructor to choose the desired vehicle configuration. Official Infiniti website with 3D exteriors and interiors were created, as well as scenarios for promo video and their implementation in the site.
Branding • Magazine design • Graphic design
Hyperboloid Record Label
The brand identity has been developed for the music label, adapted for various media the style refers to modern aesthetics and is easy to read on any media. In addition to the sophisticatedly crafted magazine, a series of music CDs was designed, and a design for various merch was developed.
UX design • Product design • Art Direction
Swist BTL Agency
Bright and eye-catchy online presentation of the BTL Agency, with simple navigation, focus on photos from events in the portfolio, brand values, young and vibrant team, easy-to-see infographics illustrate agency services.
Branding • Executive production • Art Direction
Business Forum Ak Bars Business Drive
Significant in the business environment conference for speed up marketing, sales, customer experience possibilities. 17 speakers, in 4 halls, for 8 hours gave presentations on the use of digital innovations for small and medium businesses. A concept, program script and content, branding, video support, interior design, print media, an application, and a website were developed for 2 months for this event.
UX design • Product design • Art Direction
Skoda Learning Management System
To reduce the cost of training 5,000 Skoda employees in 120 offices, a learning management system and training content for it was developed from scratch.